Keeping an eye on all your employees can be difficult especially when some of them are working from remote areas. It also hinders the growth of your company as well as the productivity of your employees. It also becomes difficult to coach them when you can't even observe them properly. This is why employee monitoring software is essential these days. 

It allows you to track your employee’s activities and their productivity. This allows you to observe their potential and help them in areas needed. This not only

improves their productivity but also helps you in growing your business. It comes with several advantages which is why, nowadays, almost every company uses it. 


  • Monitor remote employees

The pandemic made it difficult for us to work in past few years. Because of this huge change in our lifestyle, we found a way to keep up with the work. Working from home is now the new normal and according to several surveys, it has also increased the productivity of employees. Maintain this productivity employee monitoring software plays a very important role.

  • Prevents Cyberslacking

To refresh ourselves we like to surf from time to time. But too much of anything can interfere with our focus. Cyberslack means surfing the internet using the workplace internet instead of using it for work. It can also enable us to meet deadlines. Employee monitoring software helps the manager in observing whether the employees are slacking. It is also commonly known that we work more productively when someone is watching over us. This software helps them to stay focused.

  • Productivity

Staying home and working can be distracting sometimes and discipline is a must in the work line. The employee monitoring software helps with that. The conscious part of your brain stays more focused when it knows someone is monitoring you. This allows you to give more time to your work which increases your productivity.

  • Project Timelines

Meeting deadlines is important to keep the trust of your clients. It can be hectic and nerve-breaking sometimes but you can not slack there. With a goal to achieve within a limited time helps you stay more focused. With help of employee monitoring software, you can monitor how much time your employee takes to finish the project assigned. Then you can coach them accordingly. You can design a new timeline which will distribute the work according to the time consumption by the employee in a certain project to avoid missing deadlines. When you assign projects as per their potential, you will see their productivity and submission of the project timely. Overall it will help the manager to organize and shape the employee while growing their business. 

  • Feedback

The work of a manager does not end in managing the project. It also includes helping the employees to learn and grow. The improvement in employee potential means improvement of the company. The manager can monitor the employee and give them valuable feedback. They can also mentor the employee and nudge them a little to improve their skills.

  • Assess Output

The employee monitoring software also allows the manager to access the employee’s output. It helps them to distribute the work to each employee according to their potential. This helps them to receive optimal work. You can also help them increase their potential by giving them challenging tasks from time to time.

  • Handle Budgets Better

Estimating how much time and resources you will need on a project can go wrong sometimes. This can lead to a delay in meeting the deadlines. The employee monitoring software helps organise your projects according to priority. It keeps your projects with the most revenue and highest on the priority list. This is also convenient for the manager to distribute the project to the team according to their potential with appropriate time and necessary resources. In this way, the company saves money and earns more profit.

  • Accurately Bill Clients

The customer can feel cheated if their bill comes incorrect. This can affect your company's relationship with them. Manually monitoring the time given to a project or client can go wrong sometimes. But with employee monitoring software, you won't face such problems. The employee monitoring software keeps a track of how much amount of time you are spending on a certain project with your client. It records it and is proof of your loyalty to your client and that you are billing them fairly. This way your clients will trust you more and your company-client relations remain healthy.

Don't think of the employee monitoring software as a shackle you are putting your employees in. Think of it as a way to help them improve their skills which will help them reach the heights of their career. With better employees comes more profits. With employee monitoring software it is like killing two birds with an arrow. Your employee grows as well as your company.