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Worktrackzilla: Best Free Employee Monitoring Software

In a world that’s increasingly turning into remote, it’s essential to have a correct remote work tracking software in place. That's where Worktrackzilla comes into action to ease your job. With our employee monitoring software, you spend less time policing and more time growing the business. Worktrackzilla is a time and activity tracking software, enabling companies to understand how their teams are working, whether at the office, home or any remote location. This best employee monitoring software offers you a complete remote employee tracking solution by providing you with the correct set of tools required to manage your employees, no matter where they are working. Fortunately, with the appropriate strategy and work tracking system, you can efficiently track your remote workers. Businesses can use Worktrackzilla’s all-inclusive employee tracking System to monitor employee engagement and time. With the ability to track remote employees you can also effortlessly handle projects, reduce costs and ensure complete productivity.

Best Free Employee Monitoring Software

Worktrackzilla Remote Monitoring Software's Key Features

Worktrackzilla is the employee screen monitoring software , offering you the most feature-packed time and activity tracker. It helps businesses observe the work of remote employees as if they're just next to you, ensuring they're doing the job you employed them for. It can efficiently manage and monitor your remote employees from anywhere and any time.

Auto Screenshot Auto Screenshot

This feature provides a clear view of the employee's laptop or desktop screenshot, allowing management to access their performance and bestow timely guidance. You can further use these screenshots to backup timesheets, verify work and maintain trust with the clients.

Customised Screenshot Customised Screenshot

Worktrackzilla is an open-source program that captures the screenshot of the screen at regular intervals. You also get the feature of setting the time interval to take the screenshot as per your requirements and choice.

Exportable Timesheet Exportable Timesheet

The employees can start and stop the activity time manually. And, you get the descriptions of that specific time interval. With our Parental Control Software, Business owners or team managers can monitor the activities carried out by the remote or work-from-home employees during that time.

Data Privacy for users Data Privacy for users

Our application ensures the data privacy of the user of the server remains intact. The operator doesn't get access to the employee screens. Remote best employee monitoring software is all about measuring productivity and not immediate intervention.

Idle Time Tracking Idle Time Tracking

Worktrackzilla is a versatile remote employee idle time tracking , helping you to monitor their productivity. With this software, you can monitor how long the employees are away from their screens, the applications they use and their web browsing habits.

Time Tracking Management System Time Tracking Management System

This proficient remote work monitoring software will mark the punch-in and punch-out time of the employees to track their total working hours and idle time. With Worktrackzilla, you can record timely data of the attendance, punch-in/out, total working hours and all the activity reports.


Is Remote Work Monitoring Correct for My Business?

Computer Screen Monitoring
Remote employee monitoring works for several businesses, but if it's ideal for you or not depends on numerous factors. You may want to incorporate this software if you:
Manage a Remote Team

Sometimes, it's difficult to keep an eye on the performance of remote employees. Remote work monitoring helps you better understand your team's activity during working hours.

Manage a Team that Requires Computers for Work (using the best employee computer monitoring software)

If your team works on a computer every day, there's a possibility that employees may get distracted via social media, online games or web browsing. With this software you can track these activities, so you and your team can break these habits

Want to Enhance Your Team's Efficiency

If you feel your team could be more productive, remote work monitoring gives you the power to approach them with the data.

Our Pricing Plan



199 per user / per month

Half Yearly

169 per user / per month


149 per user / per month

Why WorkTrackZilla is The Best Remote Employee Monitoring?

This free employee monitoring software comes with a complete package of remote employee management and remote tracking tools offering high-quality solutions to businesses, including:

  • Unified Communication
  • Data Security
  • Stealth Operation
  • Manage Team
  • Detailed Project Monitoring
  • Extensive Reporting Features, and
  • Single Management Dashboard

Stay Productive and Ahead of Your Competition

Worktrackzilla is by far the free employee monitoring software, enabling you to manage remote team employees and ensure they don't slack off. With the vast gamut of cutting-edge features and remote work tracking tools of this software, you can display that working remotely can be equally productive for businesses out there.

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Benefits Of Getting WorktrackZilla For Your Business- the Employee Monitoring Software

Time tracking is a kind of evaluation method that businesses can use to assess employee’s productivity and performance. Worktrackzilla helps team mangers know where their employees are investing their hours of work. It is beneficial not only to management but also to employees. Employee productivity time tracking allows the workforce to recognize their own issues and develop strategic strategies to improve their work performance and productivity in the future.

Detailed Planning

One of the most important jobs for a project director is planning management. Automatic Time Tracking features of Worktrackzilla can assist you with careful management. You can use available information to see how much time was spent on similar tasks in the past.

Maintaining Records

Everyday chores and projects are readily handled by the user/employee. As a manager, you'd have visibility to all of this data on the dashboards to see where the company is falling short on productivity. Use our remote employee monitoring software for keeping a complete record of the individual's work hours.

Task Assigning

One of the most important responsibilities of a project manager is to distribute tasks to the appropriate people. As a result, Worktrackzilla’s time tracking system for increased productivity would provide a clear image of the available staff to the management. Aside from that, you can select individuals based on their qualifications and experience.

Recognize a Missed Opportunity

The biggest cause of lower productivity is idle hours, which indicates that some employees are regularly found lying idle and completing easy activities for long periods of time. As a result, Worktrackzilla can help you strike a balance between overworked personnel and those who are not.

Work Out Wages

This is one of the advanced features of WorktrackZilla. Most of the employee monitoring software available in the market merely offers just time tracking and reporting features. But, your business needs, even more, to grow better. And at WorktrackZilla, we’ve got it covered.

This feature of Worktrackzilla manages your employees’, freelancers’, and other workers’ wages and sends them out on time with proper evaluation. Think of how much time it saves and the precision is recommendabl

WorktrackZilla, just as it pronounces, offers the best time-tracking and workplace management features in its software. It has the ultimate aim of making work management easier for businesses like yours! Our developers have continuously integrated, tested, debugged and finally curated the best version of WorktrackZilla for you. So, without wasting even a second more, we recommend you to use WorktrackZilla once and forever. Give it a trial, send us your honest feedback, and see us blooming even better than ever!

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