Data Privacy for Users on the Server

Privacy is paramount to protect a business from scams or frauds. This plays a major role in tracking apps as they are installed on a system of a user and can download confidential information if not purchased from a trusted source. Luckily, Worktrackzilla is a premium-quality, world-class and safe tracking software that can be configured with most operating systems and provides the best level of safety. Adding Worktrackzilla to your businesses workflow will help yield greater profits, efficiently manage your team and protect you from common hacks and frauds. Our software is trusted by several companies and users and always aim to provide added layers of safety to a user's desktop. We ensure your software only tacks what a user wants it to track and will not record any information after the window is closed.

What do Worktrackzilla safety offers?

Worktrackzilla provides a wide range of benefits in terms of privacy to its users. Some of them include:

Protection from hacks

Nowadays, computer-related hacks have increased and more and more businesses are getting affected by them. As covid 19 continues, most companies have allowed their employees to work from home. This has provided the scammers with a new opportunity to track such employees and gain access to their systems using fake tracking software to steal confidential information. Fortunately, Worktrackzilla is way ahead of the hackers and is made by keeping all the unfair practices in mind and efficiently safeguards against them.

Optimal privacy

Worktrackzilla delivers an optimal level of privacy to the users. The software only tracks what you want it to track and stops when you want it to stop. We ensure our software will not run on the backend unwantedly or collect any information from your pc. Moreover, Worktrackzilla is well-known among businesses because they love the user-friendly interface that offers a simple and straightforward tracking process.

Business worthy

We understand Businesses requires the best software to integrate with their platforms that run smoothly and without any hassle. Luckily, Worktrackzilla is made by top-class developers with years of experience in creating successful software for all kinds of businesses. We test run all our software thoroughly to detect any signs of bugs or additional issues. Moreover, our experts always keep up-to-date with the latest business-related market trend and understand what every employer requires. We assure our tracking software will streamline your business and provide the best results in the long run.

No screenshots

As our software takes screenshots in some intervals, users can get sceptical about what all it may capture. Moreover, you might have confidential documents on your system that can be copied. Fortunately, thousands of users trust us for our high level of privacy. The software will stop taking screenshots as soon as your hit the STOP button.

Supports all systems

Worktrackzilla supports all the major operating systems and ensures it provides the same level of safety on all. The software can be easily installed in just a few steps and will not consume much power when running in the background as you work. There are no lagging or delayed response times when working and Worktrackzilla can even be paused during a quick break.

Have layers of coding

Creating layers of codes is important to protect any software from a privacy breach. Worktrackzilla's security feature makes it the best tracking software in the market. You can safely work on your system without any issues of data breaches because of the Worktrackzilla software.

For more information about the Worktrackzilla privacy feature, you can get in touch with our team to learn more about the process in-depth.