Idle Time Tracking Software Increase your Team Productivity

Worktrackzilla is a versatile Employee time tracking software to track the productivity of on-site and remote employees. With an extensive feature like Idle Time Tracking, you can observe how long your employees were inactive, the applications and programs they use, and their web browsing habits. It’s developed and tested by our highly-professional developers and has been accredited by many loyal customers till now.

Our employee computer activity monitoring feature provides the insight you require to understand how your team members spend their time during working hours. This software enables you to track internet and application usage, capture screenshots at random intervals, and track mouse and keyboard inactivity.

It also allows you to enhance your productivity by monitoring the small steps of the long procedure of success. Curious about the various features of WorktrackZilla? Read On!

Custom Inactivity Approach

Worktrackzilla's computer activity reports enable you to take a glance at the activities that an employee carries out on their desktops. You can even check if a specific website was used actively or functioning in the background. And the best part is that, although it allows you to monitor them, it doesn’t breach their privacy.

  • Track active and idle time of the team members depending on how long they have been away from their mouse or keyboard
  • Start monitoring the idle time of employees after their desktop has been inactive for a set period
  • Track the internet usage based on employees' active time, free time, and total time to see how long they're inactive.

Monitor Employee Productivity

The complete employee computer activity reports provide project managers or admins with the employee activity data they require to understand how the in-house and remote team members are spending their time.

  • Determine if employees are indulged in social media, games, or other distractions
  • Review the websites opened by employees during idle time to verify they were doing work-related tasks
  • Monitor the productivity level of the whole workforce, specific team, or individual employees as per your requirement

Audit Login & Logout Times

With Worktrackzilla's Employee time Tracking tool , you get login and logout history reports, you can get a full picture of the team member's activity levels.

  • Monitor logout and login times to track how long your employees are on their computers
  • Verify the employees are working during their work hours and see when they're on breaks

Why Should A Business Track Idle Time of Their Employees?

An employee's free time may appear to be insignificant, but it's crucial for your business workflow and performance evaluation.

Here are the reasons why you should keep a track of it:-

  • Know More About Employee's Productivity - This software determines how employees are utilising their free time. As a result, you can track the employee's productivity at work.
  • Eliminate Slacking Off - Employees are less inclined towards passing their time doing irrelevant activities when they know they're being monitored.
  • Observe How Employees Use Their Break Times - When you know when and how the team members utilise their break times, you can encourage a healthy work-life balance and also increase their happiness factor.

Benefits of Worktrackzilla's Idle Time Tracking Feature

Employees are likely to get distracted at work by chatting, using the internet for personal reasons, checking their social media handles, or taking extended breaks during working hours. It may lead to misappropriation of time and financial loss.

  • Real-time Monitoring Feature - This software can seamlessly monitor and measure the employee's work activity in real-time without depending on human intervention.
  • Track the Task Progress - Managers can see how many hours an employee spends on a job and use this information as a benchmark to efficiently plan, execute and assign workload and keep the teams productive at the same time.
  • Get Detailed Activity Reports- Detailed reports show if the employee was working on the allocated task and the amount of time they were active or idle on their work laptop. It shows their detailed work productivity of the day.
  • Analyse Employee Activity Levels - The Software for employee time tracking improves the productivity and helps to supervise and analyse employee activity levels, address those team members who are lagging or being idle and recognize star-performers. This can help you in achieving several business objectives.
  • Stay Updated On the Task Progress - Idle and best time tracking helps in monitoring the progress of ongoing tasks during working hours. Admins can identify how much time employees spend on specific work when they are using the computer. Later, it can be used as a benchmark to make a better plan and assign the tasks accordingly, keeping the team more productive.

As the world wide events are so unpredictable, you would never want not to be prepared enough!

Since the Covid Pandemic taught us that working from home can be an efficient way of showing our productivity, it is time to embrace it for the future. Don’t you feel like it’s going to be the ruler of the work environment?

Well, all aside, it can be quite a headache to manage the entire productivity from your home. With your employees being scattered around all over India, it is essential to keep a track of every step of the work. There should always be your right hand to manage the employees’ attendance, and work schedule, track the productivity, show you enough screenshots as proof and manage your accounts. But is just any software enough for your esteemed company or do you want the best?

We would recommend you to give our employee time tracking software, the WorktrackZilla, a sincere try and find out its best features and benefits.

Try and give us your honest reviews on it!

Start tracking the idle time of your employees with Worktrackzilla. Get in touch with us today!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the meaning of time Tracking?

Employee Time tracking software is an emerging concept in the corporate world. It is mainly to keep a track of the time taken in completion of a task using software. The best feature of tracking software is, it helps in saving extra time.

Q2. What does a time tracking tool do?

Time Tracking tool is a boon for those who hire employees on contractual basis. Using employee time tracking can offer loads of benefits. The best part is the time taken to complete a task gets recorded on a timesheet

Q3. How do you keep track of work time?

Time Tracking tool runs on an operational program whose function is to keep track of work time of the employees. Moreover, it helps to keep track of whether the work is being done within a given time or not.

Q4. What are the benefits of time Tracking?

Using the best time Tracking tool can benefit the employer as well as the employees. The key benefits are improved efficiency, grounds for productive strategy building and time saving. Moreover, it helps in billing out the lazy employees accordingly.

Q5. How does employee time Tracking work?

Time Tracking software is generally assisted by the latest technology called as real time API. It automatically monitors, records, analyses and generates the required data for employee time tracking.