Employee monitoring is the technical way of monitoring one’s employees regardless of where they are (work from home, in-office, or remote area). Some companies use it to monitor the productivity of their employees while others use it to ensure there is any data breach. The data that this software collects also helps in analyzing the trends and patterns across different teams and groups which ultimately helps in improving the productivity of staff as well as growing the business.

Types of Employee Monitoring

  • Historic methods of employee monitoring
  • Internet and Email
  • Computer Activities
  • Keylogging
  • Telephone
  • GPS Tracking

Benefits of Employee Monitoring Software

1) Productivity: The time tracking feature of an employee monitoring software helps in tracking the time that an employee spends on a project. It also reports the websites you visited during office hours or if they were unproductive. This helps in tracking the productivity of certain employee and help them in optimizing their work or making the team member productive. 

2) Internal Problems and Identifies Struggles: the employee monitoring software helps the managers to track productivity as well as the struggles that one might be facing at their task. This way they can guide them and provide the resources for improvement as well as the growth of the company.

This software will track and identify the employee who takes a longer duration to finish their task or do not offer work accordingly. It also tells the manager how much time the person is spending on the project and what is he doing. This provides more information to the managers about their employee and their struggles. The managers can also develop custom solutions for such team members.

3) Efficiently Track Attendance and Effort

There are many different ways in which a company can accurately track employee time and attendance. These include:

  • Productivity Tracking Software
  • Video Surveillance
  • Time Tracking Software and Time Clocks

4) Improves Working From Home

The COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 forced many businesses to shut down and some who were capable had to adopt working from home strategies. It is a lot of pressure on the manager to oversee the productivity and work of every employee. This becomes more difficult when the employee is not even in the same room. How do you monitor someone who is even on the same floor or a building with you? 

As we already know there are a lot of distractions when at home. There is television, video games, kids and personal errands while on company time. The employee monitoring software helps in such a time. You can follow the schedule strictly without the temptation of wasting time during office hours. It is much easier to work from the convenience of your home. A clock ticking or knowing that your boss is monitoring your every move, even when sitting afar, brings a sense of punctuality and work loyalty. 

5) Creates Trust in Employees: trust between the employees and the company is very crucial for everyone's growth. Employee monitoring software brings trus with which comes benefits to the company.

  • Improved employee development as the employees and management has a clear understanding of their rules and duties. Without clear data, lacks the productivity of the company.
  • The turnover rates decrease when you have proper tools that provide data and bring positive results. This also helps the management to monitor and understand which team is most efficient, how much time a team is spending on their projects, and the workflow of staff.
  • Loyalty to the company is a must. You can monitor the situation and see if the team is not working up to the standards o your company. You can nudge them or take appropriate measures. 

6) Effective Project Management: the employee monitoring software prioritizes the project that brings you the most revenue. It will make a list of the task with the estimated time that the task will take. It makes the manager’s work easier as they can distribute the task according to their employee’s potential and no one will feel overburdened. Managers can also assign a task that will up their work level and also help in their progress. The team’s productivity also gains great insight into managerial components.

7) Increases Security and Safety: the employee monitoring software shows you all the activities going on on the computer of the employee which allows you to monitor the insider threat. You can catch if someone from the inside is trying to keep the sensitive data of the company.

8) Time Management: when it comes to office work manage your time and work more efficiently. With employee monitoring software including time tracking software, you can monitor all their moves and guide them to work more efficiently and be a mentor.

9) Accelerate Performance Review: with employee monitoring software you can track the performance of each employee. This will help you identify if any of your employees are facing any problems or obstacles on their projects.

10) Computer activities: Employee monitoring software overlook the computer activities like internet use, software use, documents use etc. It also monitors the use of your Mac computers, Citrix, Windows, and Terminal servers PC or laptops.