10 Ways to Monitor Your Workers

Monitoring and surveillance have been hot topics since covid 19 arose. Due to the pandemic, employees have been working from home.  Businesses must keep an eye on their workers' computers when they're working remotely. Therefore in this article, we'll go over some key approaches for monitoring employee activity as well as the reasons why we require them regularly. Companies may check on their workers using a variety of approaches and for that, you must need software to track. Worktrackzilla may track how much time employees spend using various programs, which websites were accessed while at work, and productivity difficulties utilising these solutions mentioned below. 

The Definition of Employee Monitoring

Employee tracking describes the tracking methods a company uses to keep an eye on employees' actions at work time. This involves regularly monitoring factors such as system time, screen usage, assigned tasks, network usage, locations, and many more. The real objective of monitoring is to raise productivity and efficiency or eventually to grow the business while avoiding unexpected events.  

So What Are the Types of Employee Monitoring? It's Time to Learn All of Them.

Time Tracking

Workers cheat their companies out of 4.5 work hours per week on average. Of course, this is not good for your company's growth.  However, you can effectively track the number of hours that employees put in by using automated time and attendance systems. Paper timesheets allow for human error and fraud since people might mark off hours they didn't work. With time tracking, you will get an amazing biometric time punching solution, as a result, there will be no errors. 

Keylogging Software

In this, the software records the words that your workers type on the system or electronic communication. For sure, as a smart employee, you may see what they are typing and if something is wrong, you can stay aware of that. This is an important record to stay away from intolerable things. 

Website Browsing

If you know everything that your workers search on google or other search engines, it will be good for your company. In website browsing, you can see the browser history. You can see how much time they spent on each website. You can determine their level of productivity or awareness by doing this.

GPS Tracking 

GPS tracking is perfect for those companies that have workers as delivery boys. Or it is for the companies who send drivers to pick up and drop off the workers. GPS tracking is so useful that you can learn where your driver is right now. Indeed, it's a time saver; how?? Instead of calling or texting, you can track your driver by the software. 

Software Tracking 

Of course, your workers use the software regularly. With software tracking, you can examine what type of software your worker has and how they are using them. Of course, you will see the saved documents, data, etc within software tracking. 

Email Tracking 

Your company workers received and sent emails regularly, right? With email tracking, you can learn about what emails they are receiving and sending. This tracking is essential due to safety issues since many workers try to harm the company by leaking their important data. Email tracking helps you to see the deleted and archived emails too. 

Social Media Tracking

Indeed, people spend lots of time on social media, even during work hours. Social media tracking lets you know exactly what time your workers spend their time on the platform. Indeed,  with advanced software, you can also scan every type of information your workers are sending on social media. 


With keycards, it is simple to monitor when employees enter the building or different areas of the office. When keycards are used to access places and equipment, it is simple to track where employees travel and learn about their daily activities.

Network Monitoring 

Of course, every company provides a login id to their workers. You can learn when they log in with your computer or network monitoring. Apart from that, you can see your employee in different ways. Do you believe that digital security relies on workers more than the advanced security system? Of course, yes. With Worktrackzilla, you can identify the risk and resolve them ASAP. 

Project Management Software

This software will not let you track your employees but it will help you to delegate tasks to each team member and monitor their progress without asking for updates.