A few years ago, managers would have preferred to tear out their own eyes than permit their staff to work from home. We can all agree, though, that a lot has evolved in the world since then.

The concept of the remote worker is perhaps one of the few good things to have resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic. We did our little victory dance at the notion of working all day in our pyjamas and dodging annoying Karen from the administration.

Sadly, many encountered new difficulties for which they lacked innate capacity. It is now challenging to keep a healthy work-life balance since their environment has evolved into their "workspace." Working overtime is challenging for businesses' employees and managers alike for this same reason. And this is why employing time tracking software for remote employees is crucial.

Why You'll Love Working Extra Hours

Working overtime can provide several advantages for both the business and the individual as long as workplace regulations are being observed. The following are some elements that everybody can benefit from:

Greater Profits

Due to closed bars and the ongoing virus threat, the majority of us are unable to go out. Therefore, there is no reason to feel terrible about those unsuccessful Tinder encounters. You may as well put in some extra hours because you have nothing else to do.

Of course, a larger wage can provide you with the extra incentive you need to pick your office over your Netflix subscription.

Greater likelihood of promotion

Most businesses value employees who don't mind going above and beyond to complete tasks. In this manner, it is simple to establish oneself as a diligent worker and effective team member. You can win the approval of your boss by putting in extra time.

Of sure, you'll be on my mind whenever a raise or advancement becomes available. Working extra hours will demonstrate your adaptability, even if you are not required to stay beyond work hours. As a result, working extra hours can improve your chances of getting promoted.

This can also entail increasing salaries for current workers. Both the employer and the employee do, in fact, benefit.

Higher Productivity

Employees produce more results when they work longer hours. As a result, the business can generate more products or services and provide them to clients more quickly. Of course, employees benefit as well from a company's expansion and success.

Employees can gain rewards including incentives, job security, bonuses, and raises by contributing to the success of the business. Employees have more chances to earn money if a company is prosperous.

When Is Working Extra Time Abusive?

Let's not forget that working overtime carries risks as well, particularly if it is not done responsibly. There are several reasons why it is not a wise decision to work overtime. Here are a few elements that contribute to it becoming abusive:

When Your Physical Health Gets Affected

Taking care of a little after-hours work might not seem like much. But, a study found that increasing the number of sedentary work time can stress one's heart. The study even compared the risks to those of smoking. Now, if working overtime is unavoidable, try not to spend too much time on your laptop. Keep in mind to take pauses and go for short walks. Always exercise, even if you have to put in additional hours at work.

But take into account that working longer hours, particularly when it involves physical labour, can be quite harmful to one's health. Injuries and accidents can result from overworked muscles and extreme exhaustion.

Whenever It Influences Your Mental Health

The overwhelming and pressing responsibilities that many employees' supervisors set them to push them to work beyond hours. 39% of workers believe that their workload is the main cause of their anxiety, according to a survey. Research has demonstrated that extreme stress and working long hours can cause a variety of unhealthy habits and conditions. These include binge drinking, eating too much, sleeping too much, and sadness.

If It Is Affecting Your Personal Life

You already devote a large chunk of your life to work. Therefore, investing more time implies sacrificing even more of your time.

Even if working an extra hour or two a day might not seem like much, it is taking away from your social life, leisure activities, and sleep.

When You Don't Get Proper Compensation

For employees, receiving extra money is a terrific motivator. Regrettably, a benefit that only a select few can enjoy is overtime payment. For instance, 2,000 Indian employees were in a poll and 72% of the respondents weren't getting payments for the extra hours they were working. Additionally, these extra hours cannot be easily converted into additional days off. While there are clear advantages to overtime work, businesses can easily exploit it and take advantage of it.


You can precisely track the number of overtime hours worked with employee time-tracking software like WorktrackZilla. Furthermore, even when the user is not online, this program continues to track the passage of time.