Productivity is the core of business growth. Irrespective of your industry and the sort of products or services your offer, if your employees aren't productive at their jobs, your company can experience negative consequences. Hence, business owners must track the productivity of their team members.

You can utilize screen monitoring software to track each employee's efficiency and time spent on remote tasks. Screen monitoring applications come with several features, like - attendance tracking, deadline set, app integration, etc. In this way, you can excuse yourselves from myriads of paperwork when analysing the efficiency of remote workers. Besides, you can monitor your team member's productivity virtually with transparency.

Want To Learn More About Screen Monitoring?

This blog will explain everything about screen monitoring software and how it helps businesses in tracking their remote team's performance and enhancing their project management efficiency.

Employee screenshot monitoring software is an application that lets admins capture screenshots of any team member's screen without them even realizing it. As you can understand from this definition, screenshot monitoring programs are an indispensable tool for organizations, especially during a pandemic situation.

The process is completely automated and enables employers to better estimate their performance and understand how to efficiently increase productivity. Screenshot monitoring can also prove to be useful for protecting sensitive data, establishing employee accountability and ensuring proof of work.

Types Of Screenshot Monitoring Programs

Based on the integration, employee screenshot monitoring software can be classified into two categories:- Manual and Automatic. The manual integration of this software requires the employer to switch on this feature manually by setting the screenshot capturing interval and the employee whose screen they want to take account of. On the contrary, with automatic implementation, the application takes screenshots at regular periods for selective employees or the entire team.

Why Opt For Automated Screenshot Monitoring?

The manual approach is seen as more targeted and considered to be unfair by the team members. The automatic integration ought to be fairer as it's indiscriminate, and the employer cannot target or isolate any specific employee. Additionally, the automated screenshot monitoring software eliminates the probability of befooling the management of the company. It's essential and helps effectively in elimination.

The Process Of Screenshot Monitoring

The functionalities of screenshot monitoring software are such that it automatically takes the screenshot of the individual's computer in a fixed period. Running this system is an easy task. Many programs enable the user to track the computer simply. 

Listed Below Are The Steps You Must Follow For Screenshot Monitoring Of Your Team Members:-

Invite Your Team Members To The Screenshot Monitoring Software: Once you've decided on the software you're going to incorporate for screenshot monitoring, invite the employees to get access for tracking their screens because you can only monitor their desktop after accepting the invitation.

Ask Them To Operate The Software On Their Desktop: The employee requires to install the program on their software to enable the business manager to track the progress through screenshots. Once they install the application, they need to give the admin access to allow screenshot monitoring on their computer. Thereafter, the software will capture the screenshots regularly at fixed intervals.

Admins Can Track the Progress on the Web: The software captures the screenshot of the employee's computer screen. It continuously shares the screenshots with managers on the web to enable them to track employee data in real-time and know what the employees are doing. It means the managers are not required to download the application to their respective computers, but they can track the employees directly from the web.

Managers Have Complete Access to the Data: All the data of screenshot monitoring will be saved on the cloud storage. So, the admins can access the time and money information that's consumed at all project levels.

Reports are Accessible: When the data is saved on the webserver, it becomes easier for the managers to formulate a report. And it also ensures easy evaluation of the reports and creates a better strategy to improve employee productivity. 

Benefits of Screenshot Monitoring Software:-

Screenshot monitoring is an effective and intelligent approach that enables assessing the aspects responsible for low productivity in a company. Here are some of the advantages of using screenshot monitoring software:-

Easier Remote Supervision: Screenshots give visual information about the productivity and workflow of remote employees, allowing them to make timely adjustments.

Better Picture of the Workflow: Sometimes, simple tracking isn't enough, so screenshot monitoring provides a better understanding of their workflow.

More Productivity: When the employees know that they're being tracked, they become more conscious about their time and work, naturally increasing their productivity and focus.
User Protection: Screenshot monitoring software provides the employee's work proof. So, the employers cannot doubt them. And the employees won't get affected by corporate politics.