Are you looking for a better work environment management that is more productive yet easier than the traditional and manual system? Well, we all know that the post-COVID age opens the doors for Remote Working or Work From Home. This online functioning has become a trend these past years. Speaking of management, it becomes difficult for organizations to check with employees while working online. Also, it is difficult to keep up with the completion of the office targets from home will affect employee productivity. After all, it becomes hectic for most organizations to stay updated with every employee's activities during their working period. But it is quite important to monitor and also keep track of how efficiently the employees spend their working time. 

So, are you in the same dilemma of how can I manage my employee's every move as they are working remotely? Well, we have the perfect answer for you. After all, all you just need is a technical wand that aids in non-time-consuming business monitoring. Well, we say that employee performance monitoring software is the one-place solution for all your workspace management issues online. However, this management software promotes high productivity and efficient tracking of every employee working from the office, home, or any remote location.

At Worktrackzilla You Can Find the Best Employment Performance Monitoring Software!

Think twice before shortlisting any software solutions because not every software provider will provide you with the set of essential tools that are your business requirements. Well! Speaking of the best, Worktrackzilla is the best software solution online that ensures expert Employment Performance Monitoring at the most affordable price range. After all, our product will act as a cyber-eye for the managers that aids in the overall surveillance of the employees. 

How Unique is Worktrackzilla From Other Software Providers?

We at Worktrackzilla design and manifest our exclusive employment software in a unique and trustworthy way. We are the best and unique in the market because of these features:

1. Exportable Timesheet

Our software comes with automatic worksheets that will automatically get filled out when the members log out. Also, this online timesheet keeps everything on record. That includes every record within the organization on a daily, weekly, and yearly basis for future reference. Also, our software let the managers easily download these timesheets, and is even manageable for a quick review.

2. Auto Screenshot Capture

The automatic screen capture of Worktrackzilla software also includes many unique features including:

  • Automated time tracking
  • Document title tracking
  • Automated screenshots
  • Audit daily routine
  • Application/website tracking

Also, this screenshot capture from our software comes in different features like a screenshot with time, live screenshot, most used screen, Screen Capture Frequency Setting, and Idle Screenshot to make it easy accessible time management for every user.

Our Data Privacy Policy

Foundationally, Worktrackzilla software provides outstanding data privacy for every organization. Hence, with our software, the data of the company will be kept safe from any internet breaches. Well, we include some unique safety measures in our product, those are:

1. Protection from hacks:

We ensure that Worktrackzilla software is untrackable to any hackers and scammers. Also, we promise the utmost confidentiality of every client. At last, all our users enjoy the safest online management environment at their fingertips.

2. Optimal privacy:

Our employment software promotes an optimum level of privacy for every client. The main motto of this product is to let the client be the boss and can manage the tracking. Another major advantage of this product is that there will be no backend collection of any information if the client decides not to track it.

3. No screenshots: 

Customization is every client's preference, am I wrong? Hence, we at Worktrackzilla provide our users with the customized screenshot feature. With this unique feature, a user can customize whether to record screenshots or not. If the users choose not to, then the software records no forbidden information.

4. Have layers of coding: 

We at Worktrackzilla respect our client's security to the core. Hence, we update our software with the most security by creating layers of coding that are tough to decode for hackers.

5. Supports all systems:

We do not content our services to some specific operating system. We wish every client from every corner of the world can use our services easily. Hence, we design our software to support all operating systems and also will corporate the same level of data privacy on every system.


Everything considered we are proud and happy to say that Worktrackzilla's employee monitoring software is the best and unique. So, do not wait! Reach out to Worktrackzilla ASAP and enjoy our services in a snap.