The employee monitoring software helps the company/ manager monitor and supervise the company employees while they are working from home, in-office or from remote areas. It is an easy way for the manager to track the productivity, attendance, and struggles of an employee while working on a certain project. The employee does not require a particular computer or company-provided laptop or computer for this software to work. They just require the particular software that the company is using to monitor its activities.


Employee monitoring software when implemented properly offers the following:

  • Enables employers to analyze business processes
  • Creates a more engaged team
  • Saves money on employee retention
  • Provides data transparency
  • Protects against data loss

Let us discuss more benefits of employee monitoring software in detail.

Effective Management

Employee monitoring software gathers the data that helps the manager to build a more efficient team. The record of productivity, attendance, over or under work, and strengths and weaknesses of the employees help the manager to categorise the employees. With the help of this, the manager can construct a team where each employee can learn to be productive and face challenges according to their strengths. When the manager knows the weaknesses of his employees and the areas where they struggle he or she can nudge them in the right direction and beat their mentor to achieve success. This also helps the company grow and increase the workflow of better and improved employees.

Revenue from a Fully Engaged Team

A company has all kinds of workers. Some employees engaged themselves in work fully whereas some do the projects half-heartedly. With employee monitoring software the manager can detect the employees that need more encouragement and those who are working with full-on dedication. It also tracks the website that employee visits during office hours and classify them as productive or non-productive. The manager can take appropriate action towards the employee's leniency towards his or her work. They can also guide them to increase their productivity and or find out the way to help them.

Financial Growth

When all your employees are dedicating their work time to their actual projects, you can notice the progress in the projects as well as their productivity. This helps the company as it reaches the deadlines of the project on time. The employee monitoring software also records the time given to each project or the client and bills them accordingly. So there is no fraud or negligence while billing. This also builds a strong relationship between the company and the client. Overall this helps in more revenue and statistical and financial growth of the company.

Security and Safety

In case of a data breach, the company can lose its reputation. This is why employee monitoring software is important. Hackers are smart these days and can enter the company computer from anywhere. Sometimes there is an internal threat that leaks the company data. The employee monitoring software records every activity of the employee. This gives a clear view of the employee and what they are doing.


Every advancement has advantages but also comes with a few disadvantages. The main purpose of employee monitoring where is to analyse employees and their activity so that everyone can perform efficiently and work cohesively. Let us discuss the disadvantages that come with blowy monitoring software.

  • Privacy

Lawyers can fear for their privacy when working with employee monitoring software on their computers. The employer has to reassure them that their privacy is crucial. But employee monitoring software is to ensure their productivity and not their personal information.

  • Trust

Employees might also think that the company does not trust them. In such cases, the employers must demonstrate to them that the monitoring software is to ensure the progress of the company and not for spying purposes. The Best thing to do is be transparent with your employees or your team this will help you gain their trust.

  • Increased Stress Level

Because the employees are under supervision all the time when they are working, they can get conscious. This can also put them under a lot of stress to finish the work or the fear of being under a watch. That is not why you installed employee monitoring software. You need to tell them the type of data that you are gathering and why. Encourage them to feel free to work but with dedication and focus. Also share their productivity throughout and guide them to do better.

  • Legal Concerns

There are all sorts of things when it comes to the legality of tracking activities. There are different laws on which a person can argue. You need to know what is acceptable and what is not. The employee monitoring software is not a tool to abuse. It is to help your company and your employees grow into better and more skilled in their work line.

If you know what you are doing and what is the right way to use employee monitoring software, you know it can help your company grow. Even with the disadvantages, this software has many advantages that you can enjoy.