Many corporations utilise swipe card technology to register staff members' attendance. But corporations that employ remote staff members or deliver outsourced services require more clarity into everyone's work.

The time tracking tool is how businesses keep track of the staff members working hours plus ensure that they receive properly for their duties. The tool registers time spent on specific tasks to automate the payroll as well as customer billing. Moreover, the tool can even provide details on firms' internal operations, such as which task takes up the most time as well as funds. All the information is helpful for managing a project. Nevertheless, payroll estimation isn't the only advantage of a time tracking tool. It can even help analyse the overall performance, and productivity, along with the time spent on single or multiple projects.

The management must know how much time each employee utilises on different tasks as well as the clients. A time tracking tool helps obtain transparency plus trust among the employer, employees along with the client.

A Time Tracking Tool Will Automatically Register

  • The employees work time on their devices
  • Which tasks that they work on
  • Screenshots to verify the work

The software can even register employee activities plus obtain regular screenshots of the screen.

A good time tracking tool can efficiently measure the staff member's productivity, and salary based on the hours. Also, businesses can even bill the clients by offering detailed timesheets via the time tracking app.

Most of the Time Tracking Tools Follow the Same Process:

  • Businesses create tasks plus assign them to staff members
  • Each staff member starts the time when at work and uses the pause button for breaks. 
  • The software records the time spent as well as the activity on a task.
  • Stop the time at the end of the day and check the entry.

There are a large number of tracking tools available in the market. But the one that you pick needs to suit your business and work well with the employees. Furthermore, it even has to fulfill the organisation’s daily needs.

WorktrackZilla is a state-of-the-art employee productivity monitoring tool that can help a corporation in several ways. It can help acquire a crystal clear knowledge of the whole workforce's office devices. Furthermore, a tracking tool registers screenshots at pre-defined intervals plus delivers them to an admin. The WorktrackZilla time tracking can help acquire much better internal staff handling as well as allow the heads to look at the comprehensive or individual performance. It can even help a lot or reallocate work based on the client's needs. Furthermore, the screenshots presented by the WorktrackZilla tool can further be beneficial to preserving backup timesheets when validating someone's work.

The WorktrackZilla tool also helps recover device time-tracking history and lets a company make better decisions. Luckily, the WorktrackZilla tracking software helps all sorts of enterprises and will not trouble the employees. The WorktrackZilla employee time tracking tool performs well with all the main operating systems plus is comfortable to use for any type of user.

Benefits of time tracking software

Improved Resource Planning

Businesses can now find as well as schedule the most suitable project team or resolve staffing conflicts. All of this you can do in time tracking software and offers much more control to the managers.

Proper Budgeting

Companies can now view the work in progress as well as track the hours worked in a single dashboard. This feature can help keep any projects within the set budget.

Fulfilling Staffing Needs

New companies don't usually face the hassle of getting too much work. But as the company develops, a business might not be able to handle the task of all the clients. This can be due to the absence of working hours or a set system to complete priority tasks. Fortunately, a tracking tool can help allocate the task to idle or fast staff members or manage high-priority tasks efficiently.

Hassle-free time Tracking

Keep all the staff members concentrated on a single assignment that matters. Moreover, the timesheets help the management and employees submit and track time utilised on a project. All of this ensures a fair invoicing process and provides a streamlined process.

Allocating Task 

Obtain a whole picture of all the staff members by knowing who’s available for work and who has a workload. The time tracking tool can also help filter out fast and slow working employees and help assign a task to the right individual.

The Best Reporting Ability

Businesses can now analyse the data to find issues or to improve the overall process. It can help a business grow and ensure everything works in order.

Cross-team Work

Share all the data with the team members, stakeholders or the owners to let them view the progress. This will help make fast and best decisions based on facts.

Excellent Management of Portfolio

Confidently assign tasks based on the employee's capacity. Also, you can now forecast the project deadline and let everyone know the progress.

Benefits of WorktrackZilla

  1. Hassle-free to use
  2. Single dashboard
  3. In-depth analysis

Companies can connect with the Worktrackzilla team now to understand more about the benefits of time tracking software.